See The Legit NPower Official Help Lines

Very important info for those with issues. These are the official help lines for npower gotten from their website. Call or mail them with your complaints. Do not forget to include your n-power phone number.
Call : 0814-556-9572
08139880251, 0818887932, 08188887934, 08188887935, 08188887936 Or
Send Email to:  [email protected] or [email protected]

If you have any issues, please send a message to their email in the following format:
*Nature of Complaint
*Phone Number
*What you applied for
*State and Local Government Area

Don't call any other number or email not listed here. Be careful scammers and 419 are watching.
Pls do not call once and give up. The hardly attend to complaints but rather keep on disturbing them until your issues are adressed.

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  1. But if i send them mail it bounce back, that their inbox is full. Is any thing wrongh with that???


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