Terms and Conditions For N-POWER Device Selection

N-POWER SCHEME : Terms and conditions

This agreement is between the "VOLUNTEER"and the Bank Of Industry Limited (BOI) for the provision of Device and Content as part of the N-Power Volunteer Scheme under the Federal Government of Nigeria’s Social Investment Programme.

* You warrant and agree that: You were selected into the N-Power Volunteer Corps Programme having provided truthful and accurate information.
* You have submitted yourself for the physical verification process undertaken by the relevant authorities of your State of origin and the Federal Government of Nigeria and have provided valid and adequate documentation.
* As at the time of selection into the N-Power Volunteer Corps Programme, you were between the ages of 18 and 35.
* You understand that the Federal Government of Nigeria will provide a grant towards facilitating the asset finance transaction with the Bank of Industry that enables your acquisition of the Device and Content ("Tool Grant").
* The Device and Content are relevant for your training, skills development and are also a tool to execute your tasks during the duration of the programme.
* You understand that you have an option to select any Device of your choice from the devices presented on the NPVN Platform.
* As such, you acknowledge that you have not been compelled, coerced, induced and/ or unduly influenced regarding your choice of any particular device.
* You understand that the Tool Grant may not cover the full acquisition cost of some of the devices presented in the NPVN Portal and that to make up the difference where the total cost of your choice of device is above the Tool Grant, you accept and agree to a monthly deduction of a part of your monthly stipends, for a period not exceeding 20 months, as specified on the NPVN Portal.
* You undertake not to transfer, assign or use the Device and/ or Content in an unauthorized manner including a transfer of the resources, internet connectivity or access to the cloud platform to a third party under ANY circumstance.
* You shall abide by all the Rules and Regulations of the N-Power Volunteer Corps Programme.
* You shall use all the tools provided for you in accordance with the expectation of your defined work and guidelines of the N-Power Volunteer Corps Programme.
* You must take extra precaution against loss, damage, theft and spoilage of the Device.
* By applying for the N-power Volunteer program you are authorised to enter into this Agreement and will abide by all the terms and conditions listed herein and as specified in the N-Power Volunteers Corps Rules and Regulations.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact support by email at [email protected] or telephone at 0814-556-9572.

Device herein is defined as: Mobile Tablet: Mobile Tablet is the device which will host all the platforms and resources in the N-power Volunteer program.

Content herein is defined as Resources: All the content that will be used by the Beneficiary to prepare for the role, deliver on their job, as well as improve their employability and entrepreneurship skill.

Platform: The platforms that will be used by the Beneficiary for training, assessment, learning, delivery of their work and performance measurement.

Internet Connectivity & Cloud: Mobile Internet connectivity that will be used by every Beneficiary for an access period of 1 year and Cloud for hosting the platform.

Source: N-POWER

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