Resources provided on NPVN Portal that all Npower beneficiaries must Study

There are variety of resources, Content and video provided on NPVN Portal that all Npower beneficiaries must study. They are:

A. Cisco Networking Academy
B. Google Digital Marketing
C. Google Analytics
D. Android Developer by Google

A. Cisco networking academy is building the workforce of tomorrow. They have helped more than 6million people prepare for the IT workforce since 1997.

Cisco Networking Academy identifies and develops the skills people and businesses need to thrive in a digital economy. Their Learning platform exclusive online learning platform supports active and engaged learning career development and collaboration.

Npower has enable this learning platform on the NPVN portal for the benefit of Npower beneficiaries.

B. The Google online marketing challenge(GOMC) is an exciting opportunity for students to experience online marketing creating online marketing. Learning the Google digital marketing course provided in the NPVN Portal will help Npower beneficiaries shape their strategy for the competition get the most out of adwords for their business partner and help prepare them for success.

Bellow are basic Google digital marketing resources provided on NPVN that you need to learn:
1. Your digital opportunity
2. Choosing your online presence
3. How websites work
4. Email marketing basics
5. Your email marketing options
6. Crafting great marketing emails
7. Marketing to the locals
8. The right social media sites for you
9. Getting on social media

C. Google Analytics lets you measures your advertising ROI as well as track your flash, video and social networking sites and applications.

What you will be learning under Google analytics on NPVN Portal are as follow:
1. Why digital Analytics
2. How Google analytics works
3. Google Analytics set up
4. Understanding full reports
5. How to share reports
6. Tracking campaigns with the url builder.

D. Android Developer by Google: 

Google teamed up with Udacity to build a suite of online, self-paced courses that teach Android development from building your first app to configuring gradle files.

Bellow are what is provided under this subject on NPVN Portal:
1. Android studio
2. Coding Github and flow
3. Creating your first project
4. Project settings Android min and target versions
5. Running your code
6. Android software stack
7. Activity packages and layout introduction
8. Visual layout Editor.

All these subjects has been provided on NPVN Portal for all Npower beneficiaries to study and it will help Npower beneficiaries to develop skills and build competencies to excel in the labour market.

These content will improve the employability or entrepreneurial skill set of each volunteer These content from variety of sources provided on NPVN Portal will enable you build life essential skills such as:
* Entrepreneurship
* Employability and work Readiness * Financial Literacy
* Management Skills

NOTE: You can access these content and video on your smartphone. so don't wait to collect your device before studying those content, login to your NPVN Profile now and start learning.

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