How GTbank delays most of Npower volunteers stipends.

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How GTbank delays most of Npower volunteers stipends...

It has been discovered that during account number opening and BVN registration at GTbank, most of the customers have their names mixed up and characters that are not necessary put between their names such as comma or full stop (, or.)
This has greatly affected payments of volunteers stipends in the first batch.

These are the two ways through which GTbank has greatly impeded payments...
There are some of the volunteers that their first name and middle name were recorded together while the middle name space was left blank on the BVN. To find this out and correct it, request for your BVN printout at the bank and then tell them to arrange your name in order where it's meant to appear
Two, this is not easy to detect and most overlook it.

GTbank are of the opinion that they must use comma to separate surname from other names, which indeed they do. This has greatly affected payment because according to a volunteer that called Npower, anything that is among the names on BVN and account name is scanned as part of the name and only comma or full stop changes the context of the name, hence, unmatched name displaying on March payment history remarks or comments.

To discover this, just type your account number into a bank Mobile App and see how your name is displaying so as to know if comma is among your account name or get your BVN and account details printout to check very well

NB... I could be wrong
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