Seven Month With Npower: Lessons Learned and The Way Forward

Seven (7) Month since N-power Programme started, we can see some changes on Nigerian youth. Beneficiaries of the programme have been talking and testifying like this beneficiary who graduated and completed his NYSC for 6 years without a job and then frustration set in and was almost loosing sanity until Npower came along.

Most Beneficiaries of this Programme had similar story. They have been out of job for many years but now empowered with N-power Programme,thank God they can move and carry their selves with confidence now.

Government Schools in every state of the Federation can now boost of teachers because of N-power teach. Graduates are employed and deployed to teach as assistant teachers in schools.

Our health centers can now boost of Npower health volunteers who are always available to assist patients. Some volunteers had taken it further in acquiring medical equipment to assist patients in their various community health center where they are posted to.

The N-power Agro is also impacting volunteers and their community positively. However the Government should do more with the N-Agro Programme by providing volunteers the necessary training that will help make them future Nigeria Agric entrepreneurs. Since Nigeria is working toward diversifying the economy at this point in time, Nigeria youth are ready to take Agriculture as a business therefore government should invest more on N-Agro.

The lesson learned from N-power Programme is that Government can
decide to do things right if actually they are willing to. For instance volunteers of this Programme were selected to participate without knowing any body. The selection was done free and fair exccept for those who had commited one error or the other during registration.

I therefore advice the new applicants to Register for the 2017 Registration with accurate information.

The way forward for N-power Beneficiaries is uncertain at the moment though most of the volunteers would prefer the Government to permanent them but the programme was actually designed to last for 2years.

We hope that Government will decide to accomodate them into the Civil Service when they complete the 2years programme.

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