Do You Know N-Power Has a Whistleblowing Policy?

N-Power has set up a whistleblowing policy to checkmate the activities of those who have a job and use N-Power as secondary source of income. Such N-power Volunteers should take caution.

For those who don't Know what whistleblowing policy stand for, Whistleblowing policy means the reporting by employees of suspected misconduct illegal acts or failure to act within the council. The aim of Whistleblowing policy is to encourage workers to report or voice out those who engage in illegal acts and get rewarded. However before reporting any one you must verify your facts to avoid misinformation

If you are N-power Volunteer and always boast of not going to your place of primary assignment and keep receiving stipends every month proceed with caution, remember N-power Whistleblowing policy and start doing the right thing before you get caught.

Details Coming Soon.


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