How To Avoid Back Lash In A Large Group

Some People don't understand that in a large group such as NPower discussion group, backlash can happen to any one. In order to avoid the occur occurrence of back you must understand that human are different in nature.

People tend to react to situation differently, we disagree to agree as human that is why we are able to get along.

However, no one is an high land. Sometimes your perception about others may lead you into saying something that might degenerate to back lash. This has happen on many occasion in this group and when we look back we should be able to learn how to appreciate each other. No one is perfect.

People learn everyday and we are here to learn and adjust but the method of your criticism must be constructive to avoid been backlash in a large group. Because you relate to situation maturely does not make you a fool.

Below are tips on How to avoid been Backlash in a large group:
  • When you create a post that received a lot of backlash, delete it immediately
  • Apologise to the group members
    Do not try to fight back when you get backlash it may degenerate
  • Consult your dictionary and make sure that your words and sentence are well organized before posting.
In case you don't know what back lash means, Back lash is a strong public reaction against something.

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