How To Successfully Write N-Teach Assessment Test

For applicants who have not written their assessment test this is for you.

As you wait for 9th August, it is very important to get familiar with the test process before you write your test, so read the information below and get prepared.

There are two stages involve in N-Power assessment test which are listed below:
a. Aptitude test
b. Device selection

Before a Volunteer is allowed to take the test, he/she most be confirmed by N-Power that his/her BVN records match their application.

Don't forget to keep note of your programme timetable so that you wont miss your test schedule.

N-power Assessment test precess
  1. When it get to the test date set for your programme, Login to www.npower.gov.ng and click on the test link
  2. Check your test due date to see if you can proceed. If your test is due you will be allowed to take the test. But if your test date is not due, the page will display a date stating when to write your test.
  3. When your test is due and you click the link titled " CLICK HERE TO START YOUR ASSESSMENT", it will lead you to a page with two options:
    a. Click here to start your N-Teach Assessment
    b. Click here to select your N-Teach device.
  4. Click the first option which is "start test" to answer the eleven 11 question and make sure you submit your test when you are done. Then go back and conclude the next stage which is device selection.

Make sure you do this within the 25 minute time limit set for the assessment test. Your ability to be able to conclude your test is a good sign. Whatever instructions are given are there to ensure you do not fall victim to errors that have consequences.

Always read instructions carefully before you start your test

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