If You Want To Visit N-Power NG Situation Room (Read This)

According to the latest information posted on N-Power Facebook page this afternoon, volunteers who are willing to visit N-power NG Situation Room can mow indicate their interest.

The N-Power NG Situation Room is the back room operations of all that you hear about N-Power in Nigeria and around the world.

We would like to invite existing beneficiaries who are interested to visit and experience the behind the scenes operations at the N-Power situation room.

Now, Please note that this situation room is in Abuja and while it is open to everyone, we will not bear the cost for anyone's visit. We will invite people in batches of 20 between 11.00am-5pm.

We will pick from interested beneficiaries on all our social Media Channels and publish the lust.

Criteria for qualification:
  1. You must be an existing N-Power beneficiary
  2. N-PowerNG will not bear the cost of this visit for any person or group
  3. Beneficiaries will be picked across our social media channels
  4. Beneficiaries will be selected in group of 20.
  5. First selected group of 20 will #ExperienceNPowerNG on Wednesday, August 16th 2017.

Interested Volunteers should Click Here and post their details in format below:

  • Name
  • State
  • LGA
  • PPA

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