Some N-Power Hash Tags And Their Meaning


In today's latest Npower news - we will be showing you Some N-Power Hash Tags And Their Meaning. N-Power team is creative in the way they pass information to their Volunteers, they always make sure that whenever they share instructions or updates,  Volunteers feel and understand them correctly. So they frequently come up with educative hashtags that help Volunteers understand a specific action or activity.

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Below are some of the hashtags N-Power uses:

  • #NPowerNG
  • #MuchMore
  • #ItTakesAVillage
  • #AskYourQuestions
  • #CaptainNpower
  • #ExperienceNPowerNG
  • #ServiceYourFuture

1. N-Power uses the hashtag #NPowerNG whenever they are passing general information about the N-Power programme to volunteers. It explains everything about N-Power Nigeria

2. The hashtag #MuchMuch is used whenever beneficiaries who are making an impact in their community are required to share their stories or testimonies on how N-Power has improved them and their community.

3. The hashtag #ItTakesAVillage encourages beneficiaries to take action in their community, it's an opportunity for N-Power Volunteers in the same community to do something for their community weekly or as often as they will like.

4. N-Power Uses the hashtag #AskYourQuestions whenever applicants or Beneficiaries are required to lay their complaints about a solution

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5. The Captain N-Power hashtag #CaptainNpower is used to notify existing beneficiaries who are employed and are still earning from N-Power to exit the programme before they get caught

6. Hashtag #ExperienceNPowerNG is about N-Power inviting interested Existing beneficiaries who are selected to visit and experience the behind-the-scenes operations of the N-Power Situation Room.

7. Hashtag #ServiceYourFutere simply explained the need for beneficiaries makes plans for their future using the opportunity given to them by N-Power to upgrade their selves, get familiar with the wide range of general business processes which N-Power will equip them with to prepare for career prospects.

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