English Is Not Our Mother Tongue But Just An Official Language That We Should Learn

By Salami Taiwo Ramon

I understand english is not our mother's-tongue but it is our official language and. nothing we can do about that. Being our accepted medium of communication especially the fact that we are multi-ethnic in nature, it is important we at least have a basic knowledge of it so as to express ourselves better anywhere we find ourselves.

For this reason, I will implore some of us that need help in english to get a textbook titled 'A-One in English by Dele Ashade.' It is a book well written in simple terms which everyone can pick up, read and understand even without any guidance. You don't need to read it for any exam whatsoever, but just for personal development.

Good communication is apride to the communicator especially if you know you are making sense to yourself and your audience. I am not here to correct any english because am a learner myself but as mature minds, I just felt we can help one another in our areas of weakness.

Sometimes, what we read here is not always good enough in term of english presentation but making fun of ourselves won't help anyone. If there is anyone with a better textbook as well, please post the title of such in the comment and let's see how well can help one another.

Enough of insult on others for their poor grammar, rather provide help and solution by suggesting a book that can help. Remember, no one has/knows it all and no one lacks it all since life itself is a lesson

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