How Illegal Youth Migration Can Be Reduced Through N-Power Programme

Research has shown that illegal Migration of youth from developing countries to developed countries is as a result of unemployment, poverty or the quest of self Discovery. No one would like to leave his country when the means of living is smooth and ok, He would rather love to travel for leisure.

The Social Intervention Programe of the Federal Government of Nigeria "N-Power" have the capability to reduced illegal migration of youth from Nigeria to other country in search for means of better living. The blueprint of N-Power is to give Nigeria Graduate and non Graduate the platform, tools needed to service their future.

With the right engagement, training and supervision, the programme will go a long way in reducing unemployment in Nigeria. every year hundred of young African including Nigeria Youth take risky journey through the Mediterranean sea to Europe in search of better living means which sometimes most of them end up loosing their life before getting to their destination.

N-Power was able to recruit 200,000 graduate in 2016 and are about to recruit another 300,000 graduate and 50,000 non graduate this year. Some of these graduate recruited would have been thinking of migrating illegally to Europe. Thanks to N-Power for saving them from taking such dangerous journey by engaging them positively.

Programmes like N-Power which blueprint is to create job and reduce unemployment and poverty should be encourage not only in Nigeria but other African countries.

Below are ways N-Power can reduce illegal immigration in Nigeria:
  1. N-Power should make the recruitment into the programme a yearly affair.
  2. N-Power should not discharge the beneficiaries after the 2 year service back to the street just like that, they should absorb some beneficiary into the civil service
  3. N-Power should provide beneficiaries with grants and free interest loan to beneficiary at the end of the 2 year programme to start their business.
The youth should also grab this opportunity with two hands, take their participation and responsibility seriously rather than thinking of taking risky journey to unknown destination through the Mediterranean sea.

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