NPower Device: How to activate GPS for attendance Taken

I decided to create this post because a lot of NPower beneficiaries were asking on how to take attendance at their primary place of assignment. So one of the NPower discussion group Admin decided to contact NPower on the issue of attendance taken.

Below is The response he received:
" Thanks for contacting us. Unfortunately attendance captured on your device have not started, when it start we will communicate to you on  how to do so through the appropriate medium." That was the response from NPower.

However, it is advisable that you turn your global positioning system (GPS) on so that when you are in your primary place of assignment and attendance is going on, it will be marked automatically. All you need to do is to turn on your GPS when you are at your primary place of assignment.

How to turn on your device GPS

Some times when you turn on your data connection on your device it will automatically connect to GPS or it will ask you to turn on your GPS to access your location. In a situation where that did not happen, activate your GPS manually using the procedures below.

  1. Go Setting on your device
  2. Then Tap Location
  3. Turn on the location function
  4. And Tap Agree
Note: NPower have not updated beneficiaries whether attendance will be taken through device. As soon as we get detail and confirmed information, we will update you. So stay tuned.

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