Possible Reasons Why N-Power Choose MTN Data Subscription For Beneficiaries

Possible Reasons Why N-Power Choose MTN Data Subscription For Beneficiaries.

There is no daunt that MTN Network connectivity is one of the best in Nigeria in terms of their connection and reach, Though the have their lapses. MTN Network data connectivity are available at most villages and location across Nigeria where other networks are poor or not available.

MTN internet connectivity can dictate your location when ever you are connected to the internet.

According to beneficiaries who have collected their device, there is provision for attendance taking on the device. The N-Power device will be accessing your activities at all time in your place of primary assignment to know whether you do report to the place of your primary assignment every day through the attendance form on your device.

However if actually N-Power will be taking attendance through your devices then the device must have been installed with some kind of software that have the capability to dictate your location at all time when connected to MTN data network.

That is why you should take your duties an responsibilities serious  and always report to the place of your primary assignment.

Those beneficiaries who are thinking of disposing their device should know that any act of such will lead to severe punishment by N-Power. The device is meant for learning and working by beneficiaries and not to be disposed.

Take Note.

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