Details Of NTAX Training In Abuja Article written By A Beneficiary (Must Read)

By Tombari Sana Monsi

Afternoon Nigerians!

I promised updating you guys about N-tax training in Abuja. It's a 5days training, you report to camp on a Sunday and leave Friday of the next week.

My batch was the 10th Batch (200 Nigerians in each batch) we left last week Friday. So far 10th batches with those receiving training this week, you do the maths. 200×11=2200 CTLO's trained out of the 7500 persons needed for the job.

Mind you it's not like n-teach or the rest you have to work. after the training you immediately start working with FIRS OR SIRS but you have to pass the exams @ least 50/100. CTLO'S Abuja,Lagos, Benue etc have started working depends how ready your state is. Hmmm it was fun, awesome, great, interesting, sexy, lively and you get to meet new friends.

Great place to relax and be you. While in there you forget about politics, minority talk, tribalism, Muslim, Christians etc. You just remember first am a Nigerian and that's all that really matters.

All the best guys.

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