Video: My Experience From The Google AdSense On Air Live Stream

Few days ago I received an email from google AdSense reminding me on how I can grow my ads revenue and get my website into shape for the holiday season.

In the email I received, google AdSense team shared more light on how I can make the most of the opportunity by engaging users and advertisers with targeted content and that I am fully prepared for the busies time on the consumer calendar.

Below are some tips they share with me in the email:
1. The holiday season keeps getting bigger and bigger
2. Tailor your content to what users are looking for
3. Go native

I was asked to Register for the adsence on air live stream to prepare my website for the holiday season which I did. Below is the video from the adsence on air live stream

5 Tips to get your site optimized for the winter holiday

It was educative and I actually learned a lot on how to make most out of this holiday season. The experts shared the best tips in the video above. Enjoy the video.

I am presently working on my website speed so that I can achieve the right website loading time best for users experience.

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