The Difference Between YouWin Connect And NPower (Must Read)

Most People are confused about these two empowerment programmes initiated by the Federal Government of Nigeria. I discovered few days ago when youWin! Connect  released the list of shortlisted applicants for the first stage of the training and people were confused about the list that was released. Some people thought it was NPower list that was released which was not.

As both Names implies, so also the aims of both programmes are different.

YouWin! Connect:  is a multimedia enterprise education initiative of the Federal Ministry of Finance (FMF) which aims is to support young entrepreneurs as they plan, start and grow their business. YouWin! Connect seeks to promote entrepreneurs  as a viable career option for young Nigerians which in turn will create jobs and wealth.

NPower Programme: on the other hand is also a Federal Government social intervention programme initiated to empower the unemployed Nigerians both Graduates and non graduates to equipped them with the necessary skills needed to become employable  or an entrepreneur that will create jobs for others. The NPower Programme is in two category, the graduate programme and the non graduate programme.

The NPower Graduate category is a two years programme and selected applicants are been paid 30,000 Naira stipends monthly while the non graduate programme is to trained selected applicants  in various skills to create jobs for themselves and others.

On like the YouWin! Connect Programme which aims is to trained business owners and starters and provide them with grants or loan to expand or start their business, the NPower Programme is to engage unemployed Nigerians graduates and non graduate to acquire skills to become employable or entrepreneurs.

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