Video From My First Facebook Developers Circle Kaduna Meet up At COLAB Today

The Facebook developer circle meet up in Kaduna today was fun and educative. I was opportune to learn a lot of things from the organisers.

The Facebook developer circle  meet up in kaduna was an avenue where developers meet face to face to discuss new things and idea. Today event in Kaduna was interesting, the event took place at COLAB Barnawa at about 12pm and end around 6pm.

The discussion was all about how to use Facebook developer tools to achieve daily goals and objective. The presenters took their time to explain to participants in details on the following:

  • How to use Instant articles platform to monetize your blog post or article
  • How to use Facebook analytics to understand your audience and grow your business
  • Using the react, react native tools to create apps that load fast.
  • How to grow your business using Facebook advertising platform and much more.

The meet up was fun and I would love to attend the next event again.

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