Video News: One More Week Left To Sell My Poultry Birds (NAgro)

As an Npower Agro volunteer, I have decided to participate in this year holiday Christmas poultry birds season sales.

I did some poultry farming marketing research few weeks ago and I discovered that I can actually make some extra pay this Christmas season by rearing poultry birds for two weeks and sell to people who wants to rear Christmas chicken but has no time to rear day old chicks.

Below is a YouTube video of my one week chickens which has already been booked by buyers.

Once they reached two weeks, the buyers will come pick them and then  I will prepare the space to keep another birds.

You too can take advantage of this season to make some extra income for your self by either rearing chicken for two weeks and sell or rear for one month and sell.

If you need more inside, simply contact me.

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