What The 2017 NPower Applicants Should Put In Mind While They Wait For List

Anxiety are high right now as the 2017 applicants await for list to be released. We know that a lot of applicants are having so much expectation on this programme which is normal in a society like ours where so much emphasis is always given to government empowerment programme as the only means to reduce unemployment.

However, is very important that applicant should put the following in mind:

  • Prayers:
    Prayer and believe that your name shall be among the chosen one
  • Responsibilities:
    Be prepared to take responsibility and discharge your duties according to the requirement when selected.
  • Ability to accept the fact:
    Be prepared to accept the outcome when the list is out. One thing is certain its either your name is out or not. So be prepared to accept the fact.
  • Never give up:
    For those who may not make the list, don't give up. I believe that other great opportunities will come your way.

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