How To Identify And Download The Recommended Mobile Forms App On Google Play Store

I decided to create this post because of the comments and questions some of you were asking  on how you were unable to identify the real recommended Mobile forms App on google play store to download. Well that is true because there are lots of apps on google play store that bear that name, you have to search with the right or appropriate keyword in order for the app to show up for download.

The recommended app to download  is the one with red arrow shown on the image below:

  • Go to google play store and search for this word "forms" if you search for mobile forms the app will not appear.
  • Once the form appear click on it and download.
  • Upon  download completion, signup and login to the app to start filling your field agent form properly.

What you need to fill your field agent forms:
Your full Name, email, phone number, state residence, local government residence, Your professional qualification, Access to GPS Location, Passport, you tick "yes" if you would be willing to take sales and marketing job, you tick yes if you have marketing or sales experience, you will be asked to provide the email of who refer you to mobile forms,simply put in my email [email protected]. please Note that Putting my email does not affect your account or payment, it simply means that I was the one who referred/directed you to mobile form. After you filled the form completely, click review and submit.

Available professional qualification listed on the form are:
Health field, Agriculture, banking and finance, IT, Retail and others. Should in case your professional qualification is not listed, you can click on others and write your professional qualification manually.

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