One Thing Some 2016 Applicants Took For Granted During Physical Verification That 2017 Preselected Applicants Should Not

That one thing is not showing up for physical verification exercise as when schedule. This cause  many nightmare to some 2016 applicants and it might lead to some 2017 applicants  not making the final selection list.

The 2017 Preselected applicants should know that they are not yet bonafide sons of Npower on till the physical verification is concluded and the final list is released. Unlike the 2016 Npower physical verification where NPower gave unverified applicants some month of grace to re-verified themselves after missing the proper physical verification, 2017 physical verification might not be like that.

Remember Npower said preselection does not equate final selection. So Make sure you did not miss the physical verification for anything, be at the verification centre at the appropriate date and time with the necessary things needed for the physical verification exercise.

2017 preselected physical verification exercise will commence December 4th and end December 14th 2017. However, Npower promise to update all preselected applicants on everything they need to know about physical verification on their social media channels on the 1st of December, 2017. So stay tuned To Npower Discussion group as we update you with latest as soon as we get the update from #NPowerNG


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