The Difference Between NPower Portal And NPVN Portal

NPower Portal is where all information about NPower the Federal Government of Nigeria Social Investment and job creation initiatives Programme are contained. Information about Npower Programme, what the Npower Programmes offers, Npower contact details, beneficiaries testimonials and others can all be access through the Npower portal.

The Npower portal is also where applicants are been asked to submit application when there are openings. It is also where applicants login to write assessment test and also check preselection  and final selection status.

For Nigerians who wants to know more about NPower Programme should simply visit: www.portal.npower.gov.ng to know more.

watch the YouTube video below to see visual difference

NPVN Portal: most of you might be wondering and would wants to know more about NPVN. The NPVN Portal is not a new Name to the 2016 Npower beneficiaries because they are using the portal already but it's new to the 2017 applicants.

The NPVN Portal is a subdomain of Npower portal, it is the portal where NPower existing beneficiaries can login to access their details and other Npower learning materials. However, the 2017 applicants can only check their preselection status at the moment on the NPVN Portal but have to wait to scale through the final selection process before they can be allowed to access the NPVN Portal proper.

To access the NPVN Portal visit: www.NPVN.npower.gov.ng

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