Ways To Protect Your Body From Harsh Weather Of Harmattan Season

My fellow NPowerNG Volunteers, the harmattan season is here again and it is necessary  we all  protect ourselves from the harshness of harmattan weather. So in making sure that we all keep our body protected, I decided to compile these tips on how to stay protected from the dry weather of harmattan.

The tips explained below are some of the ways you can best protect your body from the harsh weather of harmattan this season:

1. Use the appropriate Lotion that suite your skin type, always wear clothes that  protects your body from catching cold in order to stay safe from cold weather related ailments. We know that the harmattan weather  sometimes in Nigeria can  be unpleasant. So you have to ensure that your body lotion have enough oil in them so as to avoid looking whitey patches when you step out. If your lotion is the type with out oil you can apply Shea butter or softening glycerin so as to mix up with your lotion for a fresher looks, but taking a bath with moisturising soap or bath gel is necessary so as not to keep your self completely dry before applying your lotion.

2. Ensure your Lips is protected: Lips is also known as one of the essential part of our skin that needs to always stay smooth and attractive for better looks, always apply lip balm it contains ingredient to protect your lips from being  cracking, lip balm are a must use this season to help keep your lip from becoming dry. Apart from lip balm you can also brush your lip gently with a wet toothbrush or Brown sugar mixed with honey by brushing gently.

3. Ensure your Feet are always protected: Cover your feet always so as to stay warm and protected from catching cold down there, likewise your body should also be protected with cardigans, head warmers and also hand gloves so as to avoid pneumonia, joint and muscle pains, running nose which could lead to worse medical condition if ignored.

4. Your Eyes are  Another vital organs of the body to be protected, our eyes is one of the most essential organs in our body that needs protection, don't forget to rinse your eyes with clean water if you can and always wear protective spectacles so as to reduce exposure to dust.

5. Nose is also another vital organs that needs protection during harmattan season  such as limiting your exposure to dust by getting a nose mask, or cover your nose with a scarf if necessary also your homes and office object should be clean with wet napkins, and also taking of fruits or vitamins C  is necessary to prevent cold, cattarh, and sneezing as well.

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