Job Seeking Advice For Potential 2018 Job Seekers

we are at the peak of 2017 and in few days, we shall proceed into 2018 by the Grace of God. They question is were you able to achieved anything concrete from your job searching effort in 2017? Were you able to get interview invites? Were you called to pick up any appointment letter from your job searching effort in 2017? all this questions is what you should be asking your self as we proceed into the year 2018

Alot has happened in 2017 and it is very important that we reflect on our job seeking effort in 2017 and change our job searching strategies in 2018 for better result. Understand that there are fake recruiter out there that may want to take advantage of fresh out of school graduates seeking for jobs. Watch out for recruitment agency using all strategies to collect money from applicants promising them jobs after training which never happened. So Identify such agency and stay away from them, don't fall victim over and over again.

How To Get A better Result From Your Job Seeking Efforts.

  • When ever you see a job vacancy, do a thorough research about the recruiter before submitting application. Some job adverts out there don't usual have clear vision and descriptions, jobs with clear vision and descriptions yield better result
  • Do not apply for jobs that demand money for submission of application. If you must do that, make sure such job meet up with its requirement in terms of genuity.
  • Do not restrict your job search on one platform, search for job offline and online jobs portals and apply for jobs that have clear vision and description.
  • Do not give up trying after various unsuccessful interview. keep searching and applying for the real ones. laying back may delay you from landing that dream job in time

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