NPower Update On The Just Concluded Senate On Job Creation Public Hearing

The purpose of the #SenateOnJobCreation Public Hearing is to provide briefings about the ongoing federal government programs designed to address issues related to job creation and entrepreneurship.

The Senate on job creation public hearing which has just been concluded had a lot of issues including NPower issues discussed. Below is the embed date and time the public hearing holds.

Some of the participant also speak on some issues. Below are what they says:

There is no sustainability for social intervention programs, from PAP, now N-Power. What happens to beneficiaries of N-Power after two years?  Senator Binta Garba.

"As at November, there are a thousand beneficiaries of N-Power who are on payment hold due to absence from work amongst other things.“ Mr. Afolabi SSA to the President on Job Creation.

Mrs. Maryam Uwais says the NPower is for graduates and non graduates and also stated that the technological hub is presently in Lagos and Yola on real energy (climate change) for youths between the ages of 18 to 35.

Senate President @bukolasaraki says for as long as we continue to spend money on training young people, with no plan on what we should do after training our young people, there is need for a central point in the Federal Government where the coordination of some of these youth job creation activities is to be done. My own recommendation to my colleagues when we start the budget defense will be to put a hold on some of these programs until we know what we are doing. This is because some of these programs are clearly not taking us anywhere.

We are just spending the money, yet, some of these agencies cannot tell us how many young people they are really going to employ from these programs' Senate President

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  1. We have done our bid in doing our work diligently, but till date our November 2017 stipend is not paid. If others are not working, we do our best in Akwa Ibom State. Please, let us be briefed why we are not paid till date and what is the way forward. Most of us are well grounded educationally and should not be kept in the dark. Please, pay our NOVEMBER 2017 STIPEND or you let us know our stands without further delay. Thank you, Mr. Afolabi.

  2. pls what is the next step for the 2018 n power after the verification?. pls i need immediate reply


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