What To Do If Your Name Is Missing On Both NPower Residential LGA And State Origin LGA List

This message goes specially to preselected applicants and 2016 waiting list applicants who got text messages from Npower and also congratulatory report online but couldn't find their name at the local government of residence.

In line with the above stated issue preselected applicant and 2016 waiting list applicants encountered today, we will advice you to do the following once you find your self in that situation:

* Try as much as possible to check your names both at the local government of residence and that of local government of origin. If possible check all the list in your residential state or State Origin.
* Contact Npower Official support line below:

Contact Phone No:
MTN: 09060000445, 09060000446, 09060000447, 09060000448, 09060000449, 09060000450, 09060000451, 09060000452, 09060000453, 09060000454

GLO: 09055555960, 09055555961, 09055555962, 09055555963, 09055555964, 09055555965.

ETISALAT: 09099998401, 09099998402, 09099998403

E MAILS: [email protected]

* Stay calm do not panic so that you won't start looking for solution from scammers. Only Npower can resolve your situation.
* Follow Npower Official Social Media Channels to chat up with them.


  • TWITTER: npower_ng
  • INSTAGRAM: npower_ng
  • NAIRALAND: npowerng

Doing these things  are important as we have found out mistakes of interchanged local government occurred nationwide today. But still some couldn't find their names in both! and some did not received a congratulatory text offline line and online but saw their Names on the list in LGA.


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