As A Nigeria Youth Which Govt Regime Has impacted And Empowered You Most.

Nigerians are beginning to talk about the  next year election and most of them are commenting from every corner and also writing open letter to President buhari to forget the  ambition of recontesting for the 2019 election. One of such letter which was written by the former president Olusegun Obasanjo few days ago has been generating a lot of discussion. Strange things has been happening lately in some part of Nigeria and Nigerians are beginning to ask question about the credibility of Mr. President leadership style.

The question is how would you rate the performance of president Buhari and the previous govt! There are lots of empowerment programme  initiated by the present government that ordinary Nigerian citizen are benefiting from at the moment. Previous government would also argue that they also implemented such programmes.

The fact is that some of this programmes organized by this govt is seen, well organize  and are free and fair, not politicized even though some politician tried to hijack the process but they fail. Most beneficiaries were those who don't know anyone at the top. I can attest to this. It was this present govt that stop some federal govt organization from selling recruitment forms, now applicant applied for govt jobs free online without buying form.

This Government is impacting Nigerians through programmes like SIP, NPower, MarketMoni, NHGSFP YouwinConnect etc. So now we put the question to you which Government Regime has impacted and empowered you the most?

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