Five Business Sectors In Nigeria That Will Provide Opportunities In 2018

Thinking of starting a business this year and still wondering which sector to venture into, then this information is for you. There are so much concentration on some key businesses in Nigeria this year. Agriculture, Arts & Entertainment, Retail, ICT and the Security sector will provide more opportunities in 2018 for people in business from start-up, growing to established.  

Draw your attention to this four key business area:

  • Agriculture
  • Art & Entertainment
  • Retail
  • ICT
  • Security Sector
1. Agriculture is one sector Nigeria government is putting more attention on and are currently building young entrepreneurs in that sector. They have developed many agricultural programmes to help train those who are interested in going into agric business and eventually become employer of labour in that field. As a result of that  the government has also partner with private enterprise who are willing to join this movement. This is one of the sector you can venture into.

2. Art & Entertainment: The art and entertainment is one sector that has been creating jobs for Nigerians, it is a very big sector  that provide a lot of opportunity and the government has been partnering with expert in that field to help empower Nigerians who wants to venture into that field by establishing programmes to developed talents in Music and movie making. This is also one sector you could venture into.

3. Retail: Retail businesses sell finished goods to consumers in exchange for money. This is one business area with opportunity you could start with ease. Retail activities can be conducted through stores, kiosks, or even by mail or the internet. All you need is a good product to market.

4. ICT: The Information Communication Technology (ICT) is one sector that opportunity exist here in Nigeria. If you are good in ICT then you can venture into the ever growing ICT sector by establishing your computer training school where you can train people to learn web design, software development etc.

5. Security Sector: With the insecurity problems in Nigeria, setting up a private security outfit as an individual who has experience in the security sector is not a bad idea at all. You can setup and start rendering security services in your community by protecting/guiding people properties or rendering body guard services

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