Interesting N-Power New Year Update From SSA to President Buhari on Social Investment Programmes (Must Read)

2018 will be an interesting year for many of us and a good year for many Nigerians in shaa Allah.

We want to turn the whole country into a construction site; Roads, bridges, railways and rail stations, housing etc. There will be human capital developments. Our Social Investment programmes will go into overdrive. 500,000 Npower, we will ramp up the numbers of school pupils to be fed to over 10mil|ion, we will disburse interest free loans to additional 500,000 beneficiaries, we will scale up our cash transfers to about 700,000 people. All these will have tremendous ripple effects on the economy both rural and urban. The cooks we pay directly to feed the kids in public schools will buy the food stuffs from local farmers who in turn are guaranteed a market for their products.

Say we feed the 1 million pupils of Kano State primary 1-3 an egg a week. That's 1 miilion eggs every week. It will take a poultry that has at least 200 layers that produce an average of 3 eggs a day to produce 600 eggs a day and to make it 4,200 eggs a week. With that, you need to have at least 250 poultry farms of that capacity in Kano alone producing the eggs non stop to get a million eggs a week. If you include the food for the chickens as well which is about 4 ounces of feed on an average per layer, then you can imagine the ripple market effect of that for the farmer who sells the feed. you are talking of tons of maize to be purchased from the local farmer. That is the story of what the school feeding alone can do. Not to talk of the rest of the programmes.

We still have a long way to go I know. And some may say, why now? Well then why not? It is always better late than never. Let's be optimistic this year for I know there will be a lot of good things in the offing.

Happy New Year.

Barrister Ismaeel Ahmed as the Senior Special Adviser to President Muhammadu Buhari on Social Investment Programmes, SIP.

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    I thank God Almighty and I sincerely Appreciated the President Buhari led administration for finding me and other volunteers beneficiaries this noble opportunity.However I want to use this medium to appeal for the payment of my backlogs of ten months (10 months).My backlogs issue is as a result of an account problem which N-power have assisted me to resolved and I started recieving my stipend for the first time in October 2017-till date. While December 2016-September 2017 is my outstanding backlogs. Sir in my previous mail to support , I have sent my deployment and assumption of duty form and a screenshot of my payment history and my profile from the N-power portal's which I hope will help to facilitate the computating of my backlogs. Thanks Ukavwe Benjamin.

  2. I sincerely appreciate the Npower initiator for there support. However. I want to appeal for the payment of my backlogs of four months (January-April 2017). I have sent my attestation letter from the state focal person, Attestation letter from my primary place of assignment and posting letter as requested by support.


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