How Can Farmers Participate On The Programme (NHGSFP)

The National Home-Grown SchooI Feeding Programme is in 21 states across Nigeria today. Interested in participating in #NHGSFP in your state as a farmer, please read the update below.

The Farmers would be required to register at the State Ministry of Agriculture as cooperatives, to supply the produce on the menu of the program Aggregators are also required in some states to:

  • Facilitate linkage of local farmers to the NHGSFP through a guaranteed contract out grower scheme in each participating state.
  • Recommend and liaise with scheme managers to monitor and guide local farmers to produce to the NHGSFP specifications.
  • Provide finance to co fund the distribution and collection centres with cold chain logistics with each participating state government.
  • Show ability/plan to mop up local farmer products even during school breaks and over supply periods.

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