Between NPower Volunteers And Peace Corps Which Would You Advice FG To Permanent

There is so much agitation by NPower Volunteers who are clamoring for permanency and on the other side peace corps are praying hard so that president buhari will revise his decision and assent the peace corp bill all for the saek of reducing unemployment in Nigeria. The Question is between Npower Volunteers and peace corps which would you prefer federal government should permanent?

We all know that NPower is a two years empowerment program but ever since the government initiated this programme, they have been saying that they have provided 200,000 and about to add another 300,000 making 500,000 jobs in total for Nigerian youth. However, the fact remain that on till the Npower Volunteers are made permanent they will never believe that government has employed them  even though at the moment the stipends provided for them helps to some extent but what will become of them after they exit programme.

The recruitment process of NPower Volunteers is the best hiring procedure ever been used by any government empowerment programme in Nigeria. The recruitment was done electronically, free and fair with all original data of all applicants been captured by the NPower Recruiters. There is no way Non Nigerian or enemies of Nigeria (Boko Haram) will be recruited into the programme because of the clean recruitment process.

The way the programme was design tally with the true ideology of youth empowerment and National building which the present administration is pursuing. The country need more man power in the agriculture, education and health sector and the NPower Volunteers I believed has the qualification and skills needed to be considered for permanency.

On the other hand, in as much as the Peace corps is also targeting the reduction of youth unemployment in Nigeria we should also look at their recruitment process. Were they able to use the appropriate recruitment procedure to recruit their staff, is their recruitment process free and fair, were they able to recruit skills and qualified applicants to handle their mission and what is the probability that the did not recruit Boko haram into the peace corps because insecurity and duplication of duties was one of the reason president buhari did not approve the bill and you and I know that their recruitment process is not as fair as NPower recruitment process. All this questions is what we should be asking our selves before we make decision.

I think Government should consider NPower Volunteers too as they look into peace corps issues.


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  1. I think federal government should permanent Npower beneficiaries bcus 75% of peace corps members is also in npower. APC government didn't promise peace corp members DAT he will sign dere bills. D
    There campaign promise is to employ 500,000 thousand graduates which npower is 500.000. And Nigeria don't have such amount of money bcus peace corps is in Millon's and npower is 500,000 only. So Npower beneficiaries is one of d best employment federal government has ever done since it creation. No god fatherism. Dey favoured everybod. No matter were u comes from.

    1. Most of the peace corps guys are beneficiaries of n power, and the procedures for n power is recruitment is free and fair unlike the peace Corp were you will see the blinds, the cripples etc which are not qualify but the peace Corp commandant only need their money for bribing senators house of rep. Members etc to make sure that peace corp is aprrove.and use then using people's money to buy himself luxuries and Mansons. IImagine, people are looking for job and the peace Corp commandant is busy taxing them of what they don't have. What a country.The commandant had made billoins of from this game.n power is more credible to peace corp

  2. What Nigeria need now is to improve the economy, that is to ensure that there is food security, good education, good health system etc and Npower beneficiaries can give answer to this questions so to permanent Npower beneficiaries are more better than peace corp


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