Five Most Asked NPower Volunteers Questions And NPower Replies Compiled To Keep You Updated

We did some research on both 2016 and 2017 NPower Volunteers to know what their yearnings are and we discovered five things that they always seek answers for. The five things that bothered them at the moment are listed below:

1 When is the final list for the 2017 NPower Candidate coming out?
*NPower Reply: further information on list will communicated to you in due time! Stay tuned

2. What about those of us that have not collected our devices and we are 2016 badge?
*NPower Reply: Sir,  kind|'y send your complaint and details to [email protected]

3. What about those who didn't receive text message and weren't verified in December?
*NPower Reply: We wish them success in their future endeavours.

4. When will the 2017 applicants start receiving stipends?
*NPower Reply:  Good afternoon sir, only beneficiaries are entitled to stipends. We would be communicating further information on the release of the final list list. Thank you

5. Sir what is the fate of those who used ND certificate and applied and if lucky they are selected at final stage but doing NYSC?
*Npower Reply: Good afternoon sir, every applicant will be informed of their Npower employment status when the final list is released. Thank you

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