Inspirational Story Shared To Motivate NPower Teachers (Must Read)

Shared on NPower Discussion Group  by Teema Abdul H

Fatima, a primary school teacher, was transferred to a different school and immediately appointed as a class teacher of a class five class.

On her first day in her class, she noticed that a boy named Musa was different from the rest of the pupils because he was always lonely, out of place, dirty and never used to do homework. Fatima also realized that most pupils in the class had a negative attitude towards him.

Fatima decided to investigate and find out the problem. She decided to review the file containing the records for Musa.

She was very surprised by what she found out.

Musa's class one teacher wrote and said "Musa is a good pupil with a ready laugh. He does his homework neatly and has many friends".

The class two teacher wrote, "Musa is a good pupil with a ready laugh. He does his homework neatly but he is troubled because his mother has a terminal illness and life at home must be a struggle"

The class three teacher wrote, "his mother's death has been hard on him. He tries to do his best but his father doesn't show much interest".

The class four teacher wrote, "Musa is withdrawn. He doesn't do his homework and has very few friends".

By now teacher Fatima had known where the problem was, and she was very ashamed of herself. And from that day onwards she decided to pay much attention on Musa and to assist him as much as possible.

Towards the end of the year, the pupils in the class decided to bring presents to teacher Fatima. All the pupils in the class brought expensive presents which were wrapped in coloured paper except Musa. His present was wrapped clumsily in old pieces of newspaper. The rest of the pupils laughed at him when they saw what he brought.

Fatima felt great pain as she opened the present that Musa had brought inside, she found an old bottle of perfume which was a quarter full and an old bracelet which had several beads missing. To stifle the laughter from the pupils, teacher Fatima exclaimed "this bracelet is very beautiful" and wore it. She also took the bottle of perfume, tapped it on her wrist and put it on.

In the evening, when the rest of the pupils were going home, Musa deliberately remained behind, and when he was sure that all the pupils had left, he went to see teacher Fatima. He entered her office, and summoning enough courage he said to her, "teacher, today you smelled the way my mum used to". When Musa left, Fatima locked herself in the office and cried for more than an hour.

The following year, Musa wrote a letter to teacher Fatima. He told her that she was the best teacher that he ever had in his life.

Six years later, he wrote another letter, he told her that he had finished secondary school and he was the best in his class. He added that "she was still the best teacher he ever had in his life".

Eight years later, he wrote another letter. He told her that he had completed his bachelor's degree in medicine was now a doctor. He added that she was still "the best teacher he ever had in his life".

The following year, he wrote another letter. He told her that he had found a girl and was going to get married. He explained that his father had died one year earlier, and was wondering whether Fatima would accept to attend the wedding and sit in the place reserved for the mother of the groom. Of course Fatima accepted and during the wedding, she was putting on the same bracelet with several beads missing and she was also putting on the same perfume that Musa remembered his mother was putting on the day she died.

LESSON: Any kindness you do to someone lasts forever! Touch a life in your school today! Dedicated to all the teachers in this group who have the special opportunity to touch a life. Is there a Musa in your class? Please find him!

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