Npower Entrepreneurs Go Register Your Biz Half Price At The SMSEClinics says Npower

N-Power Advice Volunteers who are into business to take advantage of the MSMEClinicsNG to register their Business half price. The MSME Clinic was initiated by the Federal Government to bring together businesses and MDAs in one spot to address access to finance, product registration and certification.

The SMSE Clinics Nigeria is moving round the country to provide entrepreneurs opportunity to register their business, products half price and you will also meet and learn from some of the big companies and experts at the event. So far, couple of States like Ondo, Kano, Anambra, Abia and Enugu State have hosted the SMSE Clinics event and many entrepreneurs registered their business.

So if you are an N-Power beneficiary and into business, you are advice by N-Power to take advantage of this opportunity. Edo State is the next State to host the event, Kano state host the event last week. Other States should get ready.

Npower stated yesterday that if you are an N-Power Beneficiary in Edo state and you are an entrepreneur, please take advantage of the MSME Clinic. The date schedule for the event in Edo is 13th and 14th of June 2018

Register your businesses at half price, register and certify your products.

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  1. How do I register and what is half price

  2. Thanks for sharing this! Keep up the good work


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