Three Methods Npower Volunteers Can Use To Secure Jobs After The Programme

Nigeria is a massive country with more than 190 Million people with majority of the people as youth.

Every year thousands of this youth graduate from tertiary institutions and flood the labour market in search of jobs which made the labour market to be competitive. It is now equivalent to the survival of the fittest.

As a result of this, employers use job aptitude test as one of the tool to recruit staffs. Research has shown job aptitude test to be the most difficult screening exercise for job applicants and an effective tools in the hands of employers to cut the large numbers of applicants into smaller size.

However, due to fewer jobs for massive applicants, some applicant tends to buy their way to get jobs by all means. This method has also become legit way of securing job in Nigeria for those who have the means and for those who don't have the means has no choose than to fall back in using the other ways.

The fact still remains that Npower recruitment was done free and fair, one of its kind. You did not need to know any one or pay before you get selected. If NPower did not permanent volunteers, they will fall back into the labour market and start searching for job again. So what will you do if you find your self in this situation?

In Nigeria, there are three ways you can secure a job and they are listed below:

1. Through referrer
2. Recruitment Agencies
3. Pay to get hired

In our eBook "how to secure your dream job after NPower programme" we discussed in details on this topic and how you can skip the 3 and use the number 1 & 2 to get a job. So if you wants to save your self the hustle of paying to get hire, simply Download the eBook.

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