What You Need To Know About The Rumored Absorption Of NPower Beneficiaries (Must Read)

There is rumor circulating the social media at the moment that PRESIDENT BUHARI ABSORB 2016/2017 NPOWER BENEFICIARY INTO CIVIL SERVICE. This was as a result of a publication on naijaonpoint blog.

At first we were happy because that is what we want for N-power volunteers and at the same time anxious to know the authenticity of the information. So we decided to do some research to ascertain the fact.

Below is the rumored information published on naijaonpoint that is circulating the social media:

"President Muhammadu Buhari today ordered that the volunteers of the 2016/2017 Federal Government's Npower programme be absorbed into into the federal civil service.

He said since they have worked for a long time as volunteers, it would be kind of the federal government to offer them permanent employment before ending the programme. He made the statement today at the state house abuja.

The N-power Volunteers Scheme is one of the Federal Government's Social Investment Programmes which began in December 2016. It is billed to last for two years according to government.

He said this is a big way cub the unemployment rate in the country instead of dismissing them and they start roaming round the street, he said he is of the view that if the 200,000 youths that were absorbed by the programmes were pushed back to the society after two years, the country cannot claim to be making progress.

He said that there had never been any empowerment or employment process in the history of Nigeria as transparent, direct and merit-oriented as witnessed during the selection of N-power beneficiaries across the country.

He advised government at all levels to adopt N-power method of recruitment in their future empowerment and employment exercises. He said within the 10 months of the programme, it has impacted on lives, reduced poverty, improved livelihood and human capital development of the citizenry."

After we did couple of research, we discovered that this rumored information has not been ascertained because of the source. The only medium we can ascertain  facts on such important information is through Npower official social media channels or an official publication from the office of Mr President or vice president.

However, let's hope that this rumored information come to pass and volunteers get permanent at the end.

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  1. We are very very gratitude to Mr.president and his vice,for crating this programme's. This is first history in may life to have a tough in government as citizen of this country. In this programme I have benefit i.Long life to mr.President (baba)and long life to his vice. may Allah protect you for enemy and the enemy of the country. We are happy,we need more happier. We are sinking for absorption. Jobs opportunity isn't an easy due to obstacle orfatherlism

  2. It's unthinkable what will become of nigerian youth if not absorbed. Well I know our president is above board in his decision.

  3. Mr.President sir, you ever remain unforgettable as far as I am living. In fact if it possible for me speak in behalf of the county, I will say you should remain my president forever. Thanks a million.


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