Governor Nasir Elrufai Visit Click On Kaduna Business Skills Workshop - Day 2

Governor Nasir Elrufai pay a surprising Visit to Click On Kaduna Business Skills Workshop - Day 2
Watch the video below:

Speech of Governor Nasir Elrufai at the workshop:

I was supposed to be here tomorrow for the closing unfortunately, I will be at some political emergency meeting in Abuja. So I won't be able to make it tomorrow says Elrufai.

He however thank all the participants at the click on Kaduna business skills workshop both the residents and those that came from other states. According to him, Kaduna belong to everyone.

He stated that even if he don't understand what they are teaching, he has been assured that it is something very important that will make the participants globally competitive with any ICT expert in the world.

The governor also hope participant find the program very useful and hope they opened doors for participants to be next bill gate or Mark Zuckerberg, and for those leaving Kaduna State tomorrow he wishes them safe journey to their various destinations.

He concluded his speech by thanking all their partners, foundation and financial institution (world bank) for their support.

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