How & Where The 2017 Npower Volunteers Can Go Pick Up Their Deployment Letters

Mr Afolabi Imoukhuede has already explained this process in the last video chat conducted on the 20th July, 2018. So, for those of you that watched the video chat or read the transcribed version of he video  already have an inside on this topic.

However, as an old Npower beneficiary that has pass through this process before, I will be guiding you in this post on how and where you can go get your deployment letters.

As you all know, Npower work with time and process, each time you are instructed to follow an instruction and procedure you must make sure you do it correctly and at the appropriate time because there are elapse date and time set for every Npower process that you need to meet and if not met can delay your benefits.

N-Power have State Focal Persons in all the States and Focal Persons, in some states are honourable commissioners, in some states they are special advisers to the governors, they are all very senior people in the government. This Focal persons partner with N-power to coordinate activities in their State. So as a volunteer, you should know your State Focal Person, some of them have offices.

How it's normally done, once your deployment letter is read, your State coordinator will send you a text or email on where to come pickup your letter. Nevertheless, some may not get this SMS due to network issue. So, you are advice to visit your collection center or State  Focal Person early enough to confirm.

Below are where you can check for your deployment letter:

N-Teach Component:
Your SUBEB or your Local government education secretary in your local government will most likely be the ones having your letters, so but once its ready, they would communicate to you, your phone numbers are with them, they either send you bulk SMS or they will go to your various state’s broadcasting media to reach you, but I can imagine that you will pick up your letters from the Local government education secretary.

N-Agro Component:
For those of you in the Agro component will be to pick up your letters from the Agro Development Program (ADP) in your local government because every state has got the ADPs with offices in every local government, so I’m sure those of you in the agro program will most likely pick up your letters there.

N-Health Component:
Those of you in the Health category will likely pick up your letters from the Primary Health Care agency or maybe in your Local government secretariat again or the agency that control the  Primary Health Care centers in that local government.

You can also consult the existing beneficiaries in the component you are selected for in your State to tell you where they collected their appointment letter during their time.

According to Npower, your role is to log on your npvn portal where you were onboarded and upload the scan copy of the stamped or acceptance letter as a proof that you have been deployed successfully.

Please, note that beneficiaries have till 10th August to upload the scanned copy of their acceptance letters. Only those beneficiaries who successfully by 11th August 2018 upload their confirmation of resumption at their assigned place of primary assignment on their npvn portals would be processed for payment.

So what are you still waiting for? Not bad  if you go out there to confirm before the dateline.

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