Talent Mix With Innovation Equal To Wealth And Not Regular Job

In our society today, people perceive working for government or others as source to success, happiness and self-esteem. So they set their mind towards working in an organization and getting paid at the end of the month. It is pathetic that our society feel this way.

I am not saying that working as an employee under the government or private organization is wrong. What I am saying is that many people in our society today have wasted their talent which could have make them millionaire. I will give you an instance!

Many will relate to this! Some of our parents work for government for 30  years and above without anything to show for it, some get a million annual salary an amount a regular talented and innovative person can earn in less than a month.

In as much as you can work for the government! Remember that the best work that can make you wealthy is your talent mix with innovation, those who are rich today are those who are using their talent. Take wizkid, Davido, 2face, Ay, mercy Johnson  for example, these are new generation millionaires who are making it big in music, movies and comedy, entertainment industry in General.

The richest man in Nigeria is not a government worker but an entrepreneur. So if you want to stay rich, think entrepreneurship, think innovative. Even those working for government are thinking entrepreneur right now.

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