A Group Beat Npower Volunteers & 100 Other Group Obtain Nomination Form For PMB

According to Festus Keyamo, the Senior Advocate of Nigeria and International Arbitrator. Director, Strategic Communications of President Buhari 2019 Presidential Campaign (Official Spokesperson) says out of the 100 group who shows interest to acquire the presidential Nomination Form for Mr President,  NCAN Group beat the rest including N-power beneficiaries.

On his twitter handle, Festus Keyamo wrote:
Congrats to NCAN group that beat other groups to purchase the Nomination Form for PMB. Officially, there were more than 100 PMB groups rushing to Abuja in a fierce race to purchase d Form. Some rice farmers was one of such groups. As the trend setters would say 'na dem dey rush us!’

Nevertheless if N-power volunteers are planning to assist PMB in his 2019 election campaign then they should try other alternative to get noticed since NCAN group have succeeded in obtaining the form for PMB.

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