Why Npower Discussion Group Should Be Seen As Diverse Info Platform

N-power Discussion Group Should not Be Seen as a platform where only Npower information are discussed, it should be seen as a diverse Information Platform where other opportunities are discussed.

If you take a look at Npowerdg blog updates, you will discover that one of the goal of this  amazing, engaging group with  great minds don't only think about the present but also look beyond the future. The question you should be asking is what become of Npowerdg after N-power programme? We do not only go extra mile to bring you Npower updates but also do more research to update you with other jobs updates.

I saw a post shared by an Npower volunteer on Facebook Npower discussion group  and I quote "All this FRSC disturbing us in this Npower discussion group better respect your level. After all if you are not a Senate candidate your are just seeing them off". You should be happy that your colleagues are discussing other opportunities after all Npower is not a permanent job, it is an employability skill programme initiated to help you acquire necessary skills to seek for permanent jobs.

So, I need you guys to not only see this platform as Npower discussion group platform but a platform that share other jobs opportunities. When next you see other jobs update please, take advantage of it and feel free to discuss other jobs.

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