A 2016 N-power Beneficiary Advice To All 2017 Beneficiaries On Issues At Hand

By Anshi Terhemen

I am a 2016 volunteer, I appreciate all of you in this group.

I believe you are aware that human beings have different characters. By the time they display them that is where you will see the difference, some 2017 (not all of you) have disappointed the entire volunteers both 2016 and 2017. I saw a post in the group which I don't want to mention the name but I believe is from 2017 batch I commented politely the same as I will do here that, I believe that by the time you people were yet to be screened you were very humble to the 2016 brothers asking them one or two questions on what to do to be enrolled.

Am a 2016 brother and I used the device given to me to upload ID cards, passports and confirm profile for more than 100 volunteers in 2017 batch free to  reduce their desperation and sufferings by cafe owners now that you are paid you see us as obstacles for your job and payment, but am not surprised that is another side of humans. But did you still remember that whatever that is done to us can be extended to you? More over our extension can not stop your payment, and that, if you are current you will see that the FG has included funds for our extention in the budget.

Your payment will not be affected so why are you worried? Let me also correct an impression here that, never you think we are ungrateful to the FG we are VERY VERY grateful and even lack words enough to appreciate Mr. President for this kind guesture and we are also praying and working hard for the government to successd in all ramifications but we are making a passionate appeal to the FG also for our absorption or good package that can lift all of us which you will also be considered, that is why I say at the beginning that, what ever that is done to us will be done to you.

Do you also know that the FG build and improve your profile from the 2016 website? so stop talking like children be matured enough to hold your jealousy.

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