How N-power Can Make Freelance Job Profitable For Npower Volunteers

Earlier today, Npower create a poll on their social media platform asking volunteers what the will like to do with the skills gained after the Npower programme. The Options that were given are as followed: Entrepreneur, Be a freelancer, private sector employment or don't know right now.

However, we think that for any of these options to be utilized by the Npower volunteers, government must support them in making sure that any choice they eventually come up with are put into actions. How can the government render support?  The government can render support by provide volunteers concrete exit packages in financial terms or otherwise permanency

For those volunteers who would like to become a Freelancers, Npower should create an online working place and then partner with the National Assembly and other government and private organization where they can outsource jobs to Npower volunteers thorough the online workplace portal.

How can this be done? After the online workplace is created, Npower will then get those volunteers who are interested in becoming freelancers sign up in the portal and get trained for certain jobs like the use of  Microsoft word, excel, translations, research and so on and so forth. Some of these volunteers can be trained to manage the workplace portal.

After the training, Npower should conduct a soft test on the volunteers through the portal by assigning them with jobs to determine their performance. And then the can start getting job offers through the portal and get paid for each job done. The jobs could be hourly or last for months depending on the contract.

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