How N-power Volunteers Can Budget For This Year Holiday Season Shopping

Holiday season is here again and as you all know, this is a period when people plan their holiday budget. As an Npower volunteer, if you have not been budgeting for your holiday expenditure, don't worry you can start setting up your budget from the month of October till December.

Holiday shopping are important to most people whether you are a low or medium income earner, you can save a little something from your earning for holidays expenditures according to your purchasing power.

I am not sure if most of you will want to be at the receiving end this season. Even if you are, it is cheering when you equally give out gift to friends and family this holiday season. It is in the character of a typical African man to share during festive period such as Christmas and sallah celebrations.

That's why it is necessary that you should give and be blessed and also be regarded among those who didn't feel left out this year in touching souls positively. Make a list of those you intend to give gift to this season from your friends and dearest to your in-laws, then put an amount you may want to budget to each person gift. Setting price limits helps you keep your holiday budget on track.

After that, you can then save some amount from your October November and December stipends. That way you can enjoy your holiday celebration with love ones. As for me, I have budget something and I have Included members of Npower discussion group in my gift budget. So, stay tune for a surprise this season.

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