N-power 2016 Beneficiaries Recap Their Journey So Far As Volunteers - Hear Their Stories

N-power 2016 Beneficiaries recap some of the sweet and difficult moment they encounter during the course of their service and tells a memorable story as they countdown to Exit Good News #NPowerNG

Below is how they tell their stories as the prepare for their passing out:

Maureen Amos
Thanks be to almighty God that helped me throughout my service years, also to baba Buhari and Apc government for the wonderful initiative, I will say that i enjoyed my service to my community, I believe my little contributions will yield good in the future of the children, my pain goes to my students in my PPA, I will miss them for real but I so wish you i continue with my work if God permits, because my fear now is returning to my past,idleness and not expecting 30k every month. I wish that pmb should help us secure this opportunity .Thanks

Mwatokdang Yilta
The service to my Nation and community was prepared for me by God for i think i was if not the last then the 2nd or 3rd to applied. Thanks to God Almighty for the opportunity even though the work load is not easy. I appreciates this administration for the fair, transparent and just of this program God bless our country. I wish the Federal government should permanent us. The two years work experience,noting much have been save for us to stand on own base on the work load and challenges of life.

Azeez Aminat Aderibigbe
All thanks and adoration goes to Almighty Allah who has given me the opportunity to serve as Npower volunteer. Also my appreciation goes to President Muhammad Buhari for the successful empowerment, may Almighty Allah guide n guard him. But will still pray for permanency and I know God Almighty will answer our prayer on that. Ameen

Abdulrauf Ibrahim
Let thank Allah for this memorable opportunity given to us for serving our dear country Nigeria as an Npower volunteer, with this we have contributed a lot and gained a more experience apart from our Carrier #Nteach may Allah grant us with a blessed #exitpacket

Abutrika Abubakar Alfulani Madibo All glory belongs to Almighty Allah the controller general of all knowledge, and also we should also thanks Mr President for giving us a privilege to smell federal cake, and also my gratitude goes to Npower team for being with us, I will also not forget my colleague, I pray Almighty God will pave way for us to achieve our goal. Long live Nigeria, long live Npower, long live pmb.

Gloria Vincent
Him alone be all thy glory My good Jehovah overdo! For a successful service year under the federal govt. An appreciation to God is an application for more.| strongly believe that when one door closes another one opens,

Saidu Aliyu
It's a pleasure to be part of this wonderful initiative of the federal government of Nigeria, we appreciate and thank God for being part of the 2016 volunteer. we contributed a lot to the primary education in our various localities

Samuel Abimbola Ellyment
In all ramifications I appreciate the government led by President Mohammed Buhari and the entire cabinet members and Npower Team. I was certain that things will be smooth after NYSC, employment will come at ease and others, but the reality of the nation slapped me and I realized the story no be small thing.

I lost my accommodation and no where to lay my heads, jobs is not forth coming, one beautiful morning around 4:35am on a Wednesday I got the news that Npower have selected some beneficiaries,
staggering I read the news and the process to check the list, luckily I was selected, from there is the story begin to change like APC slogan lolzz, I set a priority to get an accommodation and get some trainings.

It was not easy to go down the place of assignment some times because the distance to cover but half bread is always better than non. Teaching have given me some sense of dignity and earned me some respect.

If I had not enrolled for the programme in the first place I wonder what would have happened but I thank God for the privilege and thank the Npower Team, Nigeria government and president Buhari for the empowerment.

Neile Bulus
Its has been a wonderful experience and a rare privilege given to me to serve my country.. dough we r soliciting for more of opportunities.. Many Thanks to the incumbent govt,above all we give God the glory for his unending grace..

Roflyat Raheem
There is nothing good than to be independent, nobody is willing to help financially for the past 7years have graduate, I was busy working tirelessly from one private organization to another which at the end of the month I was paid token Which was frustrating. May almighty Allah make it permanent for us

Aminu Abdulkarim
All the glory be to almighty Allah whose is giving us anything we pray for. since from the beginning of my study, its my hubby to become a school teacher which I believed as the most contributor in any society and I thank God I did it with npower. I also want to continuous serving my nation as a teacher under the FG or STATE. thank u.

The story continued as more of the 2016 N-power volunteers shared their memorable moments. Click here=> Npower discussion group Facebook to read more

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