How Npower Impact Series Competition Is Awakening The Sense Of Entrepreneurship In Nigeria Youths

It's amazing what Npower Programme has done to Nigeria youths, N-power has reawakening the spirit of entrepreneurship in Nigeria youths through the impact series competition. Never in the history of Nigeria have I weakness such multitude of Nigerian youths thinking of starting something on their own rather than waiting forever for a private or public job that is hard to come by.

It seems the Orientation of our youths is now changing and they are beginning to realize that they can enlarge their economy by starting a business.This is when Government should come in and assist these youths. The economy of our Nation can only grow if more citizens engage in businesses. It is also very important that the Government must provide conducive environment and training for these youths to excel.

The N-power programme is the best thing that has happened to many Nigeria youths whose dreams of living a better live has been dashed off but now reawaken by this programme, you can see that through the Impact stories breaking the Social Media even though some beneficiaries are shy to go public with their impact stories, many still did.

I also have an impact story to tell! Thanks to Npower for giving me the opportunity to see light. I started a poultry farm with little I saved from my stipends, with my N-power device,  I created two engaging online platform Npower discussion group and Kaduna city forum which has impacted both N-power volunteers, my community and the whole Nigerians positively. I also wrote an eBook about digital jobs to assist my fellow Npower colleagues and  My community take advantage of future jobs which are online digital jobs, Download the eBook Here. See my impact story video below:

Nigerian youths are not lazy, they are smart and intelligent. Some of them only need little assistance to achieve tremendous things that is why government must come in and genuinely assist.

The Enhancement scheme announced by the Federal Government for the 2016 Npower beneficiaries can change Nigeria forever if the government can genuinely enhanced these volunteers like their sons and daughters so that they can achieve their purpose in life.

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