How Npower Volunteers Can Create Online Presence For Their PPA And Make It More Accessible

How To Create An Online Presence For Your  Primary Place of Assignment (PPA) And Make It More Accessible To People In Your Community - Tips For Npower Volunteers

As an Npower volunteer, do you know that aside your primary duties at your PPA there are other things you could do to uplift  the place you work and the community you live? Many of you do not know that all this are covered in the learning materials on your Npower device.

Some of you were posted to schools, health centers and  Agriculture development program centers in a community that are difficult to locate and even some people in that community might not know that such centers exist in their location. Those centers can be made more accessible using google search console to add them to google maps and people could easily get directions to those locations.

These and more you can help your place of work and community do as an Npower volunteers. You are better equipped with digital materials compare to others whom you work with and you can impact them in a lot more ways,  Just think what you can do for them. I will give you tips:

Do you know that some of the places you work do not have online presence at this digital age? You can create a single landing page using social media or other online free publishing tools where you can add information like about us, address  of your place of work if they do not have any yet.

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Some of you have started one business or the other and it is time you let the world know what products and services you provide. You can do this can creating an online presence for your business. All these are contained in the Npower learn section on NPVN portal. Go check it out and do more research.

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