More Jobs Opportunities As Five Companies To emerge From NIPOST

According to @AsoRock, Nipost is leveraging on existing and evolving technologies to drive Economic Recovery and Growth of the Federal Government of Nigeria.

"NIPOST banking and Insurance which would take banking to every nook and cranny of Nigeria, to about 1500 locations of post offices in the 774 local governments in Nigeria is one of the companies to emerge from NlPOSTNIG says Minister of Communication and Technology.

The Minister also said, NIPOST Property and Development Company is also one of the five companies emerging from NIPOST, this would take over all NIPOSTNIG properties, excess NIPOSTNIG properties not being used

The major company to equally emerge from the five new company  is NIPOST Transport and Logistics,  NIPOSTNIG transport and Logistics would be commercialized"

NIPOST e-commerce and NIPOST e-Government for International Passport applications at post offices for easier and effective services. This is what the pmg_ng and the minister of communication and technology are working on to create new employment opportunities, income and services to Nigerians

Source: NIPOST

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