Save Yourself From Uncertainty Of Npower - By Gab King

Prudence is all about economic frugality for better tomorrow!

The poverty alleviation program NPOWER, has been marred by news which are impulsive, unpredictable and capricious. These inter alia, have compounded the fears of the scheme among the volunteers. While most sing sai Baba because of fear of annihilation of this contractual program, if the opposition party defeat the incumbent government and decide not to sustain the status qou. The age limit in job search is simply inescapable for all volunteers who may which to apply for job in private and public sectors, if this program fails to be permanent with better package.

Though the program has reduced the level of depression and desperation among graduates and job seekers, but this could be suicidal with retrospective effect if Government fail to do the right thing. It is difficult to call this an altruistic gift to Nigerian graduates until more pragmatic efforts is being put in place. Therefore, I call on government to kindly attach this program to different ministries such as Agriculture, Education, works ,Healths, Finance , Sports etc with same salary scheme of those ministries .

This only what will alleviate the fears of volunteers, not an extension or enhancement whatever. If not so, please volunteers, kindly start looking beyond 30k which can't even afford you your basic needs let a lone taking care of your future kids! Thanks to Buhari led administration as He consider this humble request!!!

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